Tuesday, July 1, 2008

About In Loving Memory Tattoos

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One of the greatest and most endearing tattoos that a person can get are “In Loving Memory Tattoos”. These are tattoos that people get to commemorate and remember the loss of a loved one. Be it a mother, father, child or even a really close friend these tattoo designs are dedicated to keeping the memory of someone alive. These are one of the most powerful tattoos and one that a person almost never regrets getting. Unlike other tattoos that will come in and out of fashion the memory of someone lost is not going to change with current trends and soon be out of fashion. In fact it would be safe to say it is always fashionable to remember your loved ones and those that were close to you in this life.

Always Remember
One of the reasons that “In loving Memory Tattoos” are so powerful is they make a great way to have a constant reminder of the person. For example a friend of mine lost his son at a very early age. He got a rather large chest tattoo with his son's portrait on it and the dates of his life. He says it is a constant reminder to live his life to his fullest and appreciate everyday for his lost son. This is a very powerful tattoo and one that helps him to continue on past in the face of the tragedy that so effected his life.

The Healing Power Of A Tattoo
Getting a in loving memory tattoo can often be a great step along the healing path. Losing someone close to you can be filled with a lot of difficult emotions. The feeling of loss, sadness and confusion. This is hard to sort out. Often people feel overwhelmed and strongly about not wanting to forget how important the person was in their life. A tattoo that is a tribute to the person is often one step to starting along the healing path. It can almost be a therapeutic process as it gives you a way to hold onto the memory of that person.

Deeply Symbolic And Personal Meaning
In loving memory tattoos are a great tattoo design to get because they are often filled with a very deep and personal meaning. They are not the type of tattoo that one gets on a whim but instead one that a person thinks about deeply before making the decision to get one. Often the symbols and particular of the tattoo design are carefully planned out before hand. The person seeking a tattoo in this style will think long and hard about the person they lost and often tries to come up with some way to represent them. Often these tattoos will feature a symbol or object that will represent the person. A person might get a dove to represent the lost loved one or some symbol that invokes a memory of them.

If you are contemplating how to get over the pain of someone you have lost in your life a tattoo might be the option. While it will not automatically heal the pain or change anything right away it can often be a nice way to get some closure and help the healing process along. It is a little easier to resume a normal life once you have such a tattoo because you no longer have to worry about forgetting how significant that person was in your life. You will have a constant visual reminder of the importance that person played in your life.

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